SMC Honors Program

Honors Program


the honors program was designed to give high-achieving students the opportunity for advanced study in their chosen curriculum with one-on-one guidance from experienced faculty. students who participate in the honors program prove that they have the aptitude and determination to perform above and beyond the call of duty and are highly attractive to employers and major universities.


honors students have exclusive access to

  • Scholarship opportunities (including full-tuition scholarships),
  • Transfer partnerships with honors programs at select universities,
  • Letters of recommendation from key SMC faculty,
  • Transcript designation and special recognition at commencement,
  • Priority registration,
  • A dedicated housing block for students who wish to live on campus, and
  • On-campus and community service opportunities, including the annual Honors Program Service Project.




participating in the honors program is a smart way to stand out in a competitive landscape. transfer schools and future employers want to know what you’re capable of. the honors program at smc is a way to demonstrate your ability to exceed expectations and to be held to a higher standard.



365在线体育网站all honors students are given the opportunity to participate in original research with honors faculty members. previous honors research projects include

  • The effects of red meat on the environment,
  • Removing toxic heavy metals from water,
  • Analyzing lead in hair samples,
  • Cost accounting in home construction,
  • The impacts of technology on human relationships,
  • Using calculus to analyze unemployment data.



a chance to tackle challenging, relevant topics. an opportunity to stand out to transfer schools and future employers. it all begins here.